Our Story

The Australian Hazara Women's Friendship Network was founded in 2013 to provide women from Hazara, refugee and migrant backgrounds with the opportunity to feel comfortable, supported and empowered in their communities. 

‘Empowerment’ looks very different for different people. For some, it may mean finding meaningful work. For others, it may mean getting to grips with Melbourne’s public transport system. AHWFN works to provide all women with the foundations they need to create the life they want for themselves. 

And it's not just about work, says Founder Zakia Baig. 


"Women who are mothers and grandmothers can now drive, they can shop, speak English, they can go about their everyday business. We cherish every day where this happens – the pass their leaner permits and suddenly feel Australian, they wear Australian clothes. People being able to feel confident when they speak – these small things are so important.”


Our Vision

A world where women participate fully in our society and inspire Hazara communities globally.

Our Mission

We develop and promote
women's capabilities and provide access to social and economic opportunities that encourage their full and empowered participation in society.

Our Partner

AHWFN works closely with Community Four.


Community Four advances the work of refugee and migrant directed community organisations. They combine the long term social benefits of community-led approaches with the accountability of a recognised professional charity. 


Their skilled and experienced staff integrate with grass-roots organisations to work collaboratively at all levels, from organisational development, through to designing and delivering on the ground social and economic empowerment projects to community members.

For more information on Community Four, visit: www.communityfour.org